There is more than one way for a marriage to end legally. Most individuals end their marriage by going through the legal divorce process in which they submit documents to the court stating their marriage is irrevocably damaged. However, there is another way that a marriage can cease from existing and that is through an annulment. Though divorce and annulment have many overlapping issues that correspond to each other, they are not the same thing.

An annulment occurs when the conditions for the marriage are violated, or they become null and impossible to fulfill any longer. The point of an annulment is to state that the marriage was null and void, to begin with, and the marriage was never valid, whereas a divorce terminates a marriage. When a person wants to make a claim for an annulment, they must prove how the marriage was never valid.

This can be done by showing the absence of proper mental capacity of the spouse, showing the absence of physical capacity, showing the absence of a valid marriage license, or by showing a blood relationship between the spouses. If one of the spouses has previously concealed their prior marital status or they carried out the marriage through force or lack of intent, the annulment of the marriage may take place. If the spouse misrepresented their religion or their age and turned out to be underage, then the annulment can also be sought.

Anyone who believes their marriage can be annulled should get in touch with a divorce attorney as soon a possible to get help filing their annulment documents.

How to file for divorce in Yuma, Arizona

Anyone who wishes to file for divorce in the state of Arizona must have resided there for at least 90 days. The divorce is initiated by a spouse filing for the petition for dissolution of marriage. The other spouse will be served the copy and they have 20 days from the date of service to file a written response to the court. The petition for dissolution of marriage will be filed with the Superior Court in the respondent’s county.

Whether a person is going through a divorce or they are applying for an annulment of their marriage, they will have a lot of stress to deal with. Such legal proceedings that are so personal can be an emotional roller coaster and the best way to navigate through the process is by getting in touch with a divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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