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San Antonio, TX- Divorce is more common these days and a little more acceptable by the standards of today’s society, but one segment of the population that doesn’t approve of divorce. That demographic is teens and younger adults who don’t mind same-sex relationships but can’t stand divorce.

The National Survey of Family Growth Survey, which the federal government conducts periodically, looked at how thousands of teens and adults ranging in age from 15 to 44 felt about societal issues like same-sex marriage, cohabitating before marriage and divorce. Researchers cross-referenced survey responses from 2002 with responses gathered in 2011 and 2013, to find approval of some behaviors increased, signaling a shift toward more liberal ideas about human relationships while approval of divorce dipped.

As it turns out, younger people are far more accepting of same-sex relationships. Sixty percent of female respondents and 49 percent of male respondents said same-sex marriage is acceptable. Additionally, 55 percent of women and 47 percent of men said it was acceptable for same-sex couples to adopt children.

When it came to cohabitating before marriage, fewer respondents in 2011 felt as though a couple should not live together than in 2002.  According to Live Science, in 2002, 35 percent of women believed cohabitating was unacceptable but in 2011-2013, that number dropped to 28 percent. As for the men, 32 percent did not approve of cohabitation in 2002 compared the 25 percent in 2011-2013.

Some respondents not only felt like cohabitating was okay, many thought it could help prevent a couple from divorcing. Sixty percent of women and 67 percent of men felt living together before marriage would prevent divorce, Live Science reported.

While teens and young adults are okay with couples being gay or living together, they are less approving of divorce and held much more conservative views toward it. When presented with the statement, “Divorce is usually the best solution when a couple can’t seem to work out their marriage problems,” the number of men and women who agreed decreased. In 2002, 47 percent of women agreed with that statement but in 2013, only 38 percent of women agreed divorce was the right solution. In 2013, only 39 percent of men agreed with that statement while in 2002, 44 percent of men agreed.

One researcher Wendy Manning, a professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio told Live Science that we think so highly of marriage that younger people take the commitment very seriously. So, young Americans are playing it for keeps.

Younger people may also be less approving of divorce because so many of them understand the mountain of difficulties associated with divorce. They personally understand the pain divorce brings and want to keep themselves or their children from going through it.

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