Of late, there has been a lot of discussion over name changes post marriage and people seeking their maiden names after a divorce. Possibly, it has a lot to do with reclaiming the old identity once a relationship ends, observe some divorce attorneys. Actresses, who happily adopted their husbands’ family names before the marriage, are now seeking to dissolve themselves of that name after the separation.

Actually, many of them want to walk away from that name as soon as possible. Well, they probably should have thought a little more about marriage before that occurred. Moreover, the latest to jump onto this bandwagon is Jennifer Lopez but she chose to wait 18 months to make this move, unlike her other counterparts.


According to divorce lawyers handling the case, Jennifer just wants one thing from her divorce and that is her old name. The divorce proceedings have been going on for over 18 months now and JLo has just filed a legal response to the petition issued to her by Marc Anthony. According to the documents of filing, her name has been stated as Jennifer Muniz, which is the actual family name of Marc. And, she has sought to go back from Jennifer Muniz to Jennifer Lopez, the name by which the world knows her!

Why would she change her famous name anyhow? That is very strange. According to many others though, why would she marry someone who looked so weird? JoLo can do much better it would seem.

Priorities Jennifer!

For those who aren’t aware, Jennifer and Marc were married in 2004. However, they separated officially in 2011 and Marc was the first to file for divorce in the April of 2012. Both share twins and their petition has been identical on the issues of child custody, claims a divorce lawyer. Both are seeking joint physical as well as legal custody of their kids. And in these documents, Jennifer has asked for her name to be restored to Jennifer Lopez. However, divorce lawyers are still wondering as to why Jennifer took so long to seek her maiden name back!