New York, NY- Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman quietly settled his divorce and prevented what could have been a messy divorce trial.

Mary Cashman filed for divorce in February after her husband was caught in a cheating scandal with a somewhat mentally unbalanced woman, Louise Neathway, who attempted to blackmail him. Neathway was arrested for stalking Cashman, but she had history of stalking other men, as well.

If the events leading up to their split were any indication, Cashman’s divorce lawyer was in for a protracted battle over child custody and a financial settlement. But the estranged couple was able to settle their divorce quietly without a highly publicized battle and a flurry of media attention.

Mary, whose maiden name is Bresnan was seeking permanent alimony, equal division of their marital property including their $3.7 million Connecticut home and joint custody of their two children.

Cashman was also accused of cheating on Bresnan a couple of years ago, but the affair with Neathway was the final straw.

According to the New York Post, the details of their final settlement were not made public so it’s impossible to say if Bresnan got everything she wanted. However the very fact that they settled without a trial indicates that she was satisfied with her ex’s proposal.

In many divorces, regardless of the divorcing couple’s status, child custody is a serious issue and one of the primary reasons a divorce can become ugly and bitter. In the midst of a divorce, it is crucial that parents take the interests of their children into consideration when trying to hash out a final settlement.