Seattle, WA-Most couples leave the altar thinking they’ve found the right person to spend the rest of their days with, but the 40 percent or so divorce rate, it’s obvious that dream doesn’t hold true for all couples. So, who is to blame for our high divorce rate? Which partner is more likely be unhappy in their marriage?

Well, according to a new study women are to blame for the majority of divorces, since they usually initiate divorce. And the reason why they do is tied to their satisfaction with their partners. That’s what a study, which was presented the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting recently found.

The study was conducted by Michael Rosenfeld, a Stanford sociologist. For his research, Rosenfeld surveyed 2,262 heterosexual couples over a period of five years and asked them about the quality of their relationships. With the couples who divorce over the study period, women initiated divorce 69 percent of the time.  In relationships were the couple cohabitated, 56 percent of breakups were initiated by women.

But when it comes to the end of a new or long-term relationship, men and women initiated the breakup at equal rates. There was no gender disparity. So, it would appear that marriage is harder for women and the institution of marriage hasn’t kept up with greater equality between the sexes.

“I think that marriage as an institution has been a little bit slow to catch up with expectations for gender equality,” Rosenfeld explained in a statement, according to Shape magazine.

He says that husband’s still expect their wives to do the bulk of the housework and child rearing while also holding a full-time job. Even though women have greater equality than they once had they still do double the housework their husbands do. Rosenfeld said that once a woman gets put in that role they can become dissatisfied with their lives.

Rosenfeld pointed out that most of the women who took part in the survey were happy with their marriages, but the ones who weren’t cited controlling husbands and loss of independence as the source or their unhappiness.

Rosenfeld also found that men tend to be more satisfied with their marriages than their wives.

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