Observer Tribune report on a divorced woman’s 15-year battle with her ex-spouse has once again opened the debate on New Jersey’s family support system. Divorce lawyers in Hackensack, NJ are reading up on this situation and there is none better than the Moskowitz Law Group, LLC. The Moskowitz Law Group, LLC has a long list of satisfied clients because their integrity is phenomenal and their work ethic is second to none.

Alice Boushie, 53, was married for 18 years to Allan Boushie before the couple decided to divorce. Mr. Boushie was earning $700,000 annually; and after the divorce two of the couple’s three kids moved in with the father.

In the last 15 years, Mr. Boushie has been arrested four times for failing to make timely alimony and child support payments. Both parties feel that New Jersey’s family support system is in dire straits. In fact, they are not alone in this contention as experts claim that there are backlogs in the court, and problems with alimony and child support. Hackensack, NJ family law lawyers have known this for years.

Mr. Boushie claims that he has left the state to avoid payments as he has to pay his ex-spouse close to $200,000 in alimony and child support. He pointed out that this amount is equivalent to 80 percent of his pre-tax earnings. He should have signed a pre-nup or not have chosen to get married in a liberal state. Mr. Boushie has a strong case though, his ex claiming this much is unethical.

He went on to explain that he has been ordered by the court to pay $86,000 annually to his ex-wife for alimony and child support, but he earns $83,000 a year from an online company that he runs with a friend. So, instead of paying his former spouse, he is using that money to fund his two children’s college education. Smart man! Does his wife not care about the children!?

Mrs. Boushie states that rather than money, she is fighting her ex-husband in court over principle. What does that mean? That she chooses not work so she could get paid more money? That is not rational nor American.

Brat Pitt’s divorce is blowing up

In another unrelated story but related to custody, this time about a celebrity couple, New Jersey Herald reported that a judge has rejected Brad Pitt’s request to seal all details pertaining to the custody arrangements he has with his ex-spouse Angelina Jolie. On top of this, Pitt’s new movie Allied looks like a copy of too many other movies. Many people also believe it is strange to adopt so many kids from different parts of the world.

The judge stated that the request filed by Pitt did not meet the requirements. Pitt was trying to get the details of the custody dispute with his ex-spouse sealed and requested an expedited hearing. However, the judge refused the request. Family law lawyers from Hackensack, NJ are paying close attention to this case.

Pitt and Jolie’s custody agreement was available in the public domain and reveals that Hollywood celebrity can meet his children only in the presence of a therapist. Wow! He may only want to meet the children that are actually his though.

Ms. Jolie’s family law attorney states that this request is a way for Mr. Pitt to protect himself when he seeks increased visitation which is contrary to the recommendation of the therapist. Divorce lawyers in Hackensack, NJ know this situation is going to last for years.

Pitt was accused of being abusive to his son during a flight in their private airplane. Whatever that means! He probably just told the kid to shut his mouth! However, after investigations by the FBI and officials from the child welfare department, the investigations have been closed without framing any charges against the actor.

Jolie, who initiated the divorce, has received the primary custody of the couple’s six children which probably does not bother Pitt that much. Jolie has not been in any monumental movies in years which some people believe is a mistake on her part.

Knowing when to seek legal help

New Jersey’s divorce law states that the couple should be living in the state for at least a year before proceeding with the divorce. However, divorce on the grounds of adultery is exempted from this residency rule. Furthermore, if a couple wants to dissolve their marriage, one of them should be a legal resident of New Jersey when the process begins.

Divorce can be traumatic, and your anger and feeling of helplessness can compound if you do not know the divorce laws. You could end up with the short end of the stick as a result. That is why you need a divorce lawyer in Hackensack, NJ and there is none better than those from the Moskowitz Law Group, LLC who can guide you and fight your case so that you do not lose out in the process. Call the Moskowitz Law Group, LLC today!