While the US Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of same-sex marriages, 28-year-old Keyshana Rae Childress has been sentenced to two years’ probation by a Virginia court after she was found guilty of marrying her 27 year old female partner last year without having divorced her first husband. According to dailyprogress.com, Childress was already married to a 51 year old man from Charlottesville, which she did not disclose before going through with her second marriage.

Sorry Childress, you are guilty!

Reports suggest that Childress moved to Gainesville, Florida, after marrying her female partner without the knowledge of her first husband who had informed police about it. She had violated a child custody and visitation order. Childress has been charged on several counts which include a felony count each for bigamy and perjury, and three counts of misdemeanor for custody violations.

Childress had applied for a same-sex marriage license in Waynesboro Circuit Court and lied on oath that she was not married. The best divorce attorneys on the electrifying website USAttorneys.com cannot do that much for a liar but if you are honest and going through a divorce, they can work miracles for you.

This marriage has now been voided according to the assistant commonwealth’s attorney, Robert Garnett. The 51 year old father and husband provided police with a copy of their marriage license issued by the Charlottesville Circuit Court in February 2008, following which Childress was charged and sentenced. She was freed from an ankle bracelet and released from the supervision of the Blue Ridge Court Services.

Alabama woman gets 30 years prison term for killing husband

An Alabama court jury recently convicted 29 year old Tiffany Andrews for killing her husband, Michael Andrews, a 33 year old member of the US Army based at Fort Benning, Ga. As reported by Al.com, the Russell County woman was sentenced to 30 years in prison after she was convicted by a Lee County Circuit Court jury in May.

She was found guilty of killing her husband by running over him with her vehicle on July 1st, 2012. A state trooper and reconstruction specialist testified that Michael was indeed run over by Tiffany’s car while evidence was produced during the trial to prove that the couple had argued for days leading up to the death and had planned to divorce. Incidentally, Tiffany was the beneficiary of a $400,000 military insurance policy if her husband died while they were still married.

Now she gets nothing and if she does not confess her time after life on this planet which be just as miserable as being in prison.

Alabama divorce laws

According to Baldwin County Alabama divorce attorneys, couples can petition for a divorce on fault grounds or ask for a no-fault divorce. The latter indicates an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and requires no other grounds to be cited. On the other hand, a fault divorce is based on an act such as domestic violence, adultery or abandonment, to name a few. In addition, one of the spouses must have lived in Alabama for at least six months prior to filing a divorce petition.

Alabama divorce attorneys reiterate that state law mandates that property and debts be divided equally between the spouses in the event of a divorce. This includes all property and debts acquired during the course of the marriage. It also must be noted that in Alabama, any earnings accrued by the wife during the marriage is considered her separate property, and also includes personal possessions and clothing.