Heather Singleton Boggus has been granted a bond for $400,000 by a Senior Judge Albert Pickett of the superior court. The woman has been accused of embezzling in excess of $400,000 from her separated husband’s business over a period of several years.

Heather worked for JBC Construction as a book keeper and later married Jerome Boggus, the owner of JBC Construction. During her tenure at JBC construction she wrote checks to herself and her then-husband’s company for work and services which were never performed or provided.

On September 22nd, Jerome Boggus, through his divorce attorney filed for divorce and a month later he reported the theft of an unknown sum of money from his personal and business accounts to authorities.

Jerome also alleges his wife faked at least one pregnancy and lied about the death of a child. That is a bogus (pun intended) wife!

School superintendent in Georgia forced to come out as gay due to allegations

Anthony Pack, from Madison County, has been the superintendent of Monroe County Schools since 2008. He has now revealed publicly that he is gay in a statement made by his divorce attorney David Doer. Pack has said that he feels like his privacy has been violated by reporter Will Davis. He claims Davis has bullied him into coming out.

Pack said that his sexual orientation is something he would have preferred to keep personal, something he would have wanted to share with only his wife and children. The superintendent also insists he has not done anything to violate any boards of education policies. Pack is currently on medical leave and is being investigated for the accusations which claim he may have used school computers to correspond on Grindr. Pack is currently going through an uncontested divorce with his wife.

Georgia Divorce laws: what you need to know

Filing for a divorce is easy, keep in mind that while you don’t always need a divorce attorney, it may be a marvelous idea just to consult one because lawyers are able to see trouble areas a normal person may not pick up on and help push divorce proceedings effectively. To file the actual petition for divorce you may apply at the Superior court in your spouse’s county of residence.

According to Augusta Georgia divorce attorneys, you will need to write a petition describing your current living situations, the plans you’ve made for your children and the state of all joint assets. You will also need to cite the reason for divorce in this application.

The best parent

In cases where both parties involved are in agreement the court may grant a divorce in as little as a month. However, if the spouses don’t agree on some or all terms then the process may take several months or even years depending on the complexity of the specific case in question. The court only has the best interest of the children and their future in mind in this matter and may grant custody to whomever they deem as the deserving parent.

This is usually the parent that uses better judgment in caring and planning for the children. If both parents prove to be equally capable, the court may grant joint legal custody.