Brittney Griner’s divorce attorney has filed for annulment only 28 days after she wed fellow WNBA player and Tulsa Shock attacker Glory Johnson.

Is she trying to copy Eminem or Britney Spears?

According to court documents, Brittney was supposedly coerced into marrying Glory Johnson, it further claims that Johnson had made untrue and fraudulent remarks. The application for divorce has been filed in a Maricopa County family court in the state of Arizona.

Glory Johnson confirms pregnancy

According to USA Today, the divorce was followed only days after Glory Johnson announced publicly that she will not be playing basketball this year as she is pregnant. Griner maintains that she has no biological relationship to the baby that Johnson is pregnant with. How could she? Supposedly, Johnson got pregnant by using frozen sperm through artificial insemination.

Previously both players had been handed seven game bans after they were both arrested and convicted of domestic violence charges. Only 21 days after the domestic argument incident, the two players got married.

Johnson had previously remarked about her pregnancy saying that it was always her dream and was in the cards to have a baby and start a family, but she was never able to find the perfect time to do it in the past as she would have had to put her professional basketball career at a halt to be able to do so.

Professional golf player Lee Westwood to file for divorce from wife Laurae

Insider sources have confirmed that Lee Westwood has consulted with a well-renowned divorce attorney and is soon going to be filing for divorce from his wife of 14 years named Laurae, as reported by

In 2010, Westwood’s golfing career and achievements peaked when he took over the world number 1 ranking from none other than Tiger Woods. However, his form has not been awesome since and he has only been able to emerge victorious in one tournament last season and has won nothing, at least not yet, in this current season.

It yet to been seen where the divorce application will be filed, it may either be in Florida or in his native England, his $45 million net worth may take a substantial blow depending on where the divorce is filed. If he did not sign a pre-nup then even the finest attorneys on the site cannot do as much for him but they can certainly help him out if he was to contact one of them. His wife Laurae could also contact this site since she may not have an attorney at this point. Some of this wealth is hers, if she picks up a standout legal representative which can be easily found on then she could come out of this divorce pretty well off.

Arkansas divorce laws get stringent making it harder for couples to get divorced

On one hand, we have the LGBT community staging nationwide protests and are passionately fighting for their constitutional rights to get married. On the other hand, we’ve got the couples belonging to heterosexual domain that are fighting for their rights to get divorces without having to lose a small fortune in wealth and time, according to a Newsweek report.

For instance, some states, including Arizona, have laws which evidently make it harder and costlier for couples to get legally separated. One such law stipulates that any couple with kids that want to get divorced should attend mandatory parenting classes at their own expense.

Such laws are mainly being pushed by more or less the same politicians that opposed same-sex marriage. They have now passed bills which make it harder for people to get divorced and are campaigning for “divorce prevention” and claim it will save American families from being torn apart.