It had hardly been 24 hours since Glory-Johnson Griner declared that she was pregnant and Brittney Griner had already filed to annul their marriage.

Two people not on the same at all reports that the couple had only been married for a month before Brittney announced that she had contemplated calling off or at least postponing their marriage on multiple occasions as she wanted to complete her counseling before tying the knot. However, she decided to go through with it anyway and then realized that she had made a huge mistake. She further expressed that the break up was mutual and that she and Glory Johnson had agreed to either get divorced, legally separated, or get the marriage itself annulled.

However, Glory Johnson’s publicist’s version of the story contradicts the aforementioned declaration made by Brittney Griner. According to DJ Fisher, Johnson did not expect or even knew about the filing and had become extremely upset and hurt by Brittney’s actions.

Johnson’s rep further portrayed Johnson as the victim by saying that Johnson had put her basketball career on the backburner and had taken the burden of carrying a child and had made, what she thought, was going to be a long term commitment to Brittney whom she deeply loved but felt betrayed by Brittney’s sudden and irrational decision to file for divorce. Many people believe it was an irrational decision to get married in the first place.

Trouble was brewing even before the wedding

The controversy in the relationship between Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner is not limited to what happened post marriage. In fact, only 21 days prior to exchanging vows, both players were arrested on domestic violence charges resulting from a fight they had at their residence. And Johnson thought everything was going OK?

This is the point that even the best divorce attorneys on the fantastic website would say that these two people need to be away from each other.

Furthermore, the family court in charge of the divorce is going to have their hands full. A 28-day long lesbian marriage is made even more complicated by domestic violence charges, artificial insemination, and complaints of threats and fraud.

Man’s law does not make same sex marriage moral or rational

According to expert divorce attorneys, such same-sex marriages are unfamiliar waters for the American judicial system but there will undoubtedly be several more such cases in the future (considering the recent ruling made by the US Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriages) and therefore the outcome of this case may set the tone and become a reference to other courts dealing with same sex marriages in the future.

Considering the complexity of the case, and a fact that there exists somewhat of a legal gray area when it comes to these matters, it does not seem like the case will be settled before the twin babies that Johnson is carrying are introduced to the world.

Divorce attorneys – why hire one?

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