This one is the latest in Hollywood divorces to have been duly formalized in court. Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are now legally divorced. The facts were provided by court documents obtained by divorce attorneys. And, as is quite natural, Diane is now seeking her old identity back. Diane, who changed her legal name to Diane Lane Brolin has now decided to drop her last name. She chooses to be called Diane Lane. This is what most people know her by anyhow. 

Diane was recently seen in “Man of Steel”. She had filed for divorce in February this year. Her divorce lawyer had cited “irreconcilable differences” as the primary reason behind the separation. Diane and Josh were married in 2004. This is about the same time she started to become famous and a few years before Josh’s name began to be mentioned up there with the heavyweights.

Pretty Simple

The divorce proceedings, as divorce attorneys explained, were devoid of any complications. First up, since the couple did not share any children, there were no custody issues to settle. Besides, Diane had also chosen not to opt for spousal support post-divorce. The papers that were filed on November 27th stated that the couple had reached some sort of a mutual financial agreement and Diane has not opted for any support other than what the arrangement specifies.

Put Down the Bottle Brolin

Josh Brolin is currently battling an extreme bout of alcoholism, explained a divorce lawyer friend. There have been several drunken incidents to his name in the past where he was witnessed fighting with cabbie drivers and bouncers. According to a recent press statement releases on his behalf, he wished to swear off booze for good. In fact, he has taken a public oath never to consume a drop of alcohol in his lifetime. He has currently been placed in a rehabilitation facility in North Carolina and he wishes to give his life a second chance. How he progresses with the treatment remains to be seen.

Diane is also planning to make a fresh start with her newfound independent identity.