41-year old Elizabeth Petrakis came to the spotlight in 2013 when her divorce attorney won a substantial divorce settlement in her favor despite the fact that she was bound by a prenuptial agreement with her wealthy husband Peter Petrakis.

Huge mistake by the husband

As per an NY Post report, Elizabeth had signed a prenuptial agreement three months prior to her wedding to Peter, the agreement stated that she would be entitled to $25,000 for every year the couple spent married to each other. However, she was able to get the pre-nup overthrown in court by testifying that her husband had promised to throw the prenup out of the window after they had had two children together, but he did not keep his word even after they had two twin-sons and a daughter.

Elizabeth has once again become the talk of the town as she was busted earlier this week with brass knuckles in her carry-on luggage. She has been handed a desk appearance ticket for the charge of criminal possession of a weapon and ordered to appear in Queens Criminal Court on a certain date.

It is not certain as to why the woman was carrying the weapon on her person as she refused to comment without her attorney being present. She was apprehended in Kennedy Airport after her hand luggage went through a routine screening test and a TSA officer spotted the weapon.

Divorce laws in the state of Florida

According to Divorcenet, the state of Florida recognizes divorces based on “irretrievably broken” reasoning which essentially makes it a no-fault state in legal divorce matters. Consequentially, one does not need to cite a fault or prove unacceptable behavior on the part of the other spouse to obtain a divorce certificate. It is sufficient for one of the spouses to file a request for divorce alleging that the marriage is irretrievably broken which in colloquial terms means that the husband and wife (or the same-sex spouses) simply do not get along with each other anymore.

Having said that, you must keep in mind that when one of the spouses has been proved to have behaved badly (adultery, domestic violence, habitual drunkenness, drug dependency) these factors will certainly affect other facets of the divorce proceeding such spousal support, child-custody, asset separation etc. This will be explained to you by a fantastic attorney by visiting USAttorneys.com which a marvelous website for anyone who needs a local divorce attorney and/or if you want to find a child custody law firm.

Legal requirements for divorce in Florida

Any experienced divorce attorney will be able to walk you through filing requirements and other legal formalities of divorce, but it is always best to at least be aware of the basic requirements.

Custody of child

To begin with, state law dictates that at least one spouse should have been a resident for a minimum period of 6 months before filing for divorce.

In cases where couples meet all requirements laid down by Florida law for simplified dissolution of marriage, they are eligible for a much easier and smoother process which will ensure a quicker and cheaper divorce for both spouses. These requirements are extensive and couples will only be deemed eligible if they meet each and every one of them.

These requirements are as follows: one or both of the spouses should have been a resident of the state of Florida for a minimum period of six months before applying for divorce in Florida, both partners should be in agreement that the marriage is beyond repair, they shouldn’t have any children under the age of 18, the wife should not be pregnant at the time of the divorce, both spouses have agreed that they do not require spousal support from the other and should also be in agreement on other matters such as property division.