Divorce attorneys for rapper Iggy Azalea state that she was never married to Maurice Williams. Williams, a former producer, filed for divorce last year stating that according to Texas law, they were married. He is laying his claim on Azalea’s millions of dollars’ worth fortunes despite him having very little to do with her success.

If a couple live together for any length of time in Texas, and hold themselves out as husband and wife, they are considered to be legally married, according to divorce attorneys. Williams and Azalea were living in Texas in 2008, according to the documents. The documents also claim that a doctor can testify that Azalea had introduced Williams as her husband during a visit to his clinic the same year.

Williams had offered to furnish his property for Azalea to stay in while she pursued her dream of becoming a professional hip hop artist, according to the court documents filed by Azalea. She had come to Texas in 2008 from Australia and had met Williams in the same year. The papers state that they were never married while she stayed in the apartment while he furnished the property.

Toya Wright files for divorce

A pending lawsuit and allegations of abuse and stealing against Memphitz were the reasons his wife, Toya Wright has filed for divorce, according to an interview Wright gave to NecoleBitchie.com. She admitted that they were separated and her husband was going through a lot dealing with the stress of being accused as a woman beater and trying to get back to the industry with that reputation.

She said that the couple went in for counseling and other means to make him stay strong throughout the ordeal since the accusations made by his ex, K. Michelle  after she landed her “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” role.

Rabbi on trial on kidnapping charges

He has been called a champion of women’s causes, but Rabbi Mendel Epstein is on trial on attempted kidnapping charges. He is accused of running an operation where he helps Jewish women obtain a “get” from their unwilling husbands, for a price.

Brutal methods of torture including martial arts beatings, handcuffs, and electric cattle prods were used to torture the man into granting a get, according to prosecutors. He was caught by FBI agents who posed as brother and sister, trying to obtain a get for the sister. Well, why does Jewish law make this so difficult for the wife?

Epstein was saving woman

Epstein told the undercover agents that he conducted such operations every year, according to the indictment.

The extent to which Jewish women are forced to go to obtain the get brings to light the flaw in the orthodox laws, which prompted divorce attorney Robert Stahl to call Epstein a champion of women’s rights. Rivky Stein, another woman who is trying to obtain a get from an unwilling husband, said that she understood the pain and desperation of women who seek help from Epstein.

Many others have been named as defendants in the lawsuit where some have pleaded guilty, while Epstein is free on bail. He lives in a two story house in Lakewood near the Jersey Shore.