Probably not, but it’s certainly getting there. In the latest media buzz, sources are claiming Tina Simpson discovered her husband was [allegedly] gay after finding some pictures of his alleged boyfriend, male model Bryce Chandler Hill, in her home.

“Joe got busted after Tina found some modeling pictures of Bryce in her home. They were taken in and around the house and she was suspicious because she didn’t have a clue who the boy was,” said the source.

After a family trip to Hawaii, Joe Simpson left to New York just six hours after landing in Los Angeles, which didn’t at first seem suspicious to Tina, said the source. She just thought it was a business meeting. However, as Tina sometimes looks after daughter Jessica’s fashion label, Bryce’s name came up in a conversation. According to the source, that’s when Tina started to wonder what was really going on.

“In one meeting, somebody mentioned Bryce and she couldn’t talk about him because she didn’t know anything about the boy. Some personal pictures of Joe and Bryce posing together [were uncovered by Jessica’s bff CaCee Cobb] and [she] showed Tina,” added the source.

Tina then supposedly texted Joe about Bryce, but he denied everything. She later flew to NY to confront him face to face, which is when he allegedly admitted he was having an affair with the young model. At this point, the source said, was when Tina asked for a divorce.

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