A popular local radio host in Orange County named Russ Rollins is in the middle of divorce proceedings as him and his wife Samantha Boomer are in the process of legal separation. Boomer has now hired a well-known divorce attorney Gloria Allred to legally represent her as she has filed a defamation lawsuit against her soon to be ex-husband, according to Wftv.com.

The defamation lawsuit was filed after Rollins arranged to be served with divorce papers while on air. Furthermore, he also publicized the details of their divorce through social media websites. The lawsuit claims that this has led to a general hostility towards the plaintiff by the society and hence seeks compensation for non-economic damages.

According to Allred, the things that Rollins has said about her client are not true and are deliberately intended to cause her public embarrassment. She claims that the damage has been done, and the damage has been amplified by the fact that Rollins said these things on air and on the Internet which has caused them to spread like wildfire and has put Boomer under risk for receiving hate and threat messages from the local community.

Wrong texts to send Boomer

In response, Rollins and his divorce attorney have hatched a plan themselves to counter sue their counterparts. Rollins’ divorce attorney has said that they cannot sue for damages but they can file a lawsuit against Boomer claiming that her allegations have put Rollins under risk of losing his job or being demoted. The attorney also said that Rollins had shown him plenty of evidence including text messages that Boomer had sent him which back everything he said irrespective of whether he said these things on air or not. The attorney also said that the truth was their defense.

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Benefit from your ex-spouse’s social security – here’s how

A lot of people are pleasantly surprised with when they are paid off for claiming benefits from their spouse’s social security. This depends on how much your spouse makes as income. However, most people do not realize that they can claim these benefits even if they’re divorced! Yes! You read it right, you can claim your benefits from your former spouse’s social security even after you and your spouse have legally separated and you are still entitled a sumptuous amount.

There are a few terms and conditions that you need to satisfy to be eligible though. The first being, you should not be remarried,  you should have been married to your spouse for at least a period of ten years and you need to wait a minimum of 2 years before you can claim these benefits. To know more, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with an experienced divorce attorney which can be found on the striking website USAttorneys.com, who will be able to shed more light on the topic.

Vertically challenged couple Matt & Amy Roloff get divorced

As reported by Hollywoodlife.com, the protagonist couple of little people, big world, Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff have filed for divorce. They had revealed their intention to separate last year in March after 27 years of marriage and are now going through the legal process of divorce.