St. Louis, MO- Most of the time, a couple knows their marriage is on the rock and their marriage is in the road to divorce. But there are other times it appears to come out of the blue; that is what the estranged wife of NY Knicks coach Derek Fisher says about her husband’s recent filing.

In court documents, Candace Fisher alleges that her husband of nearly a decade dodged her call and texts for two weeks before filing divorce documents last month, TMZ, who managed to get a hold of Candace’s divorce papers, reported.

According to TMZ, Candace said she was “blindsided” when she got the news her husband wanted a divorce. She said when she returned to their New York apartment, she saw that he had moved out all of his belongings.

She also says that her estranged husband wants their 8-year-old twins to live with him in New York, even though they attend school in LA and all their family and friends live there.

There was some hope that the Fisher’s divorce wouldn’t turn ugly, but judging by the way Derek broke the news things could get ugly.

With divorce, there is a right way and a wrong way to break the news to your spouse. How one spouse informs or approaches the other can have an impact on their divorce. If one spouse is offended or insulted by the way their spouse breaks the news, the anger and resentment could spill over into divorce negotiations and affect compromise like asset division and child custody.

As with anything there are wrong and right ways to do this and how you approach this serious discussion can have a long-term impact on how your divorce negotiations, custody arrangement and support settlements work out.

Our St. Louis divorce attorneys recommend you don’t ask for a divorce out of the blue, without some kind of warning or prior discussions. If you haven’t discussed your unhappiness with your spouse before, it would be better overall if you not “blindside” them, and begin talking about the state of your marriage long before you consider divorce.

Divorce is going to difficult no matter how and when you tell your spouse, but a Missouri divorce law firm can help take some of the pain out of the process, and help you conquer the hurdles you face. Your divorce attorney will always watch out for your best interests, and the best interests of your children; they are an ally you need during this difficult time.

As a St. Louis attorney with family law and divorce court experience, Barbara Behrens, is well-suited to help an estranged couple resolve the contentious issues of divorce. She knows how to guide a couple through settlement and child custody negotiations. But is also capable and willing to go to court. Your rights are important and the divorce lawyers at USAttorneys will make certain they are protected during all stages of the divorce process.