The officer who is being charged for the murder of George Floyd will be divorced as well.

The couple had been married for approximately ten years, but Kellie has started the process to end their marriage according to multiple news outlets. She said that the events of the last few days since Floyd was killed by her husband have been devastating as the event gained national attention and sparked multiple violent protests in major cities. The announcement came as several protests were still ongoing around the country. 

Disgraced officer who caused a national uproar will soon be divorced 

A representative told media outlets that she is sympathetic to Floyd’s family and everyone else who knew him. Kellie does not have any children with Officer Chauvin, but she has asked that her children from her previous marriage and extended family be given privacy and peace during this difficult time and their divorce case.

Kellie was originally born in the country of Laos, and she was formerly given the Mrs. Minnesota crown in the year 2018. She was born in 1974, but there was a war in her home country at the time. Her family fled to Thailand and stayed in a refugee camp. They eventually came to the United States at a later time. 

Officer Derek Chauvin has already been arrested and charged with multiple crimes for being responsible for this high profile act of police brutality, including manslaughter and third degree murder for Floyd’s death. A video of the fatal accident showed that Chauvin had kneeled on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes shortly before he died. 

Investigations in the immediate aftermath of the incident also revealed that Chauvin had been charged with multiple misconduct complaints in recent years. 

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