Yuma, AZ – The decision to divorce is often an emotional or impulsive one that is made after arguments with a spouse. However, anyone who is about to file divorce papers and end their marriage should meet with an attorney first to review some important aspects of this process. This is because divorce cases have a number of formalities that need to be followed, and issues related to child support and custody, property division, and alimony can have long term consequences that affect both parties to the divorce for years afterward. For these reasons, consulting with a lawyer early is recommended. 

Being adequately prepared

There are a number of variables in any divorce case, and a person who has never been through a divorce can be surprised at various points during this process. Legal advice will help anticipate potential aspects of the divorce that may cause problems and then prepare for them. The lawyer may direct the client’s attention to things that had not previously crossed their mind at all. 

Protecting financial interests

It is possible that a divorce can become a lengthy dispute, where each party is trying to get the best outcome for their finances. Issues related to property division tend to take the longest to resolve, but having to make child support or alimony payments can also become a serious financial burden. A lawyer can help a person who is about to divorce decide on the best course of action related to taxes, investments and assets, and other financial matters. 

Filing procedures and documentation

Each state has separate family court rules of procedure. These deal with filing dates and requirements, serving documents on the opposing party, and scheduling necessary court hearings. Without legal training and experience with these rules, it is likely that a person who starts to file on their own can make serious mistakes that affect their case. 

Misconduct by the other party

Because divorces tend to be bitter emotional disputes, one spouse may decide to do things like hide their finances or try to turn their children against the other parent. If this kind of misconduct is not caught, the results can be disastrous for the opposing spouse. The attorney can ensure that the other party is not attempting to act outside the boundaries of the family court system to gain an unfair advantage. There may also be penalties for illegal actions.

Meeting with a divorce lawyer in Arizona

There are family law attorneys in Yuma who help local clients with divorces, child support and custody issues, alimony payments, and other problems. Schneider and Onofry is a firm that guides their clients through various family court issues. 

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

207 W. 2nd St., Yuma AZ 85364



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