Alpharetta, GA- Divorce is not an easy or pleasant process by any means which is why some Georgia couples are looking for an alternative to a nasty dissolution. For some couples there is a more peaceful and less contentious way to dissolve their marriage. It’s called collaborative divorce and our team of divorce lawyers in Alpharetta will discuss how the process works and why it can be beneficial.

Couples still need the assistance of a divorce lawyer for collaborative divorce but the process is focused on helping a couple settling their divorce in the most peaceful way possible. Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation but not exactly the same.

The first stage in collaborative divorce is to for both spouses to enter into a “Participation Agreement.” Under this agreement both parties agree to come to a mutual decision on the final divorce settlement, child custody and spousal support. You can look at as a formal agreement in which you and your spouse agree to settle the terms of your divorce without being adversarial. Both spouses must agree not to exploit any mistakes or missteps made by their spouse and all spouses are required to keep communications civil and absent of any destructive comments and actions.

In collaborative divorce, issues of child custody must be decided with best interest of a couple’s child or children in mind and the divorce proceedings should not cause a child distress. Living arrangements and other aspects of a child’s life cannot be disrupted during the negotiation stage.

The Participation Agreement requires a couple avoid making any drastic changes to their finances, insurance coverage or financial assets while the process is ongoing.

The key objective of collaborative divorce is to allow couple and their respective divorce attorneys to manage any conflicts between a couple, and help them resolve any emotional issues that may arise. Collaborative divorce works best for couples who have time to devote to the process since it requires regular meetings.

One of the main drawbacks of collaborative divorce is that if it doesn’t work out, a couple must go through the traditional divorce process. And they must retain new divorce or family law attorneys to work on their divorce.

Cost wise, collaborative divorce is generally less expensive than going to court, but no legal process is absent of some legal fees. There is so much at stake in divorce, so any legal fees you face will well worth the cost in the long run.

If you think you might benefit from a collaborative divorce, USAttorneys can connect you with a divorce lawyer in Alpharetta, Georgia who can explain the process and help you decide if it is right for you. Some couples are not good candidates for collaborative divorce, so get legal advice before you agree to any divorce process. Contact one of our divorce or family law attorneys today and get the advice you need.