Brooklyn, NY – Couples who have been married for a very long time and those with significant shared assets may take longer to sort out. There are a number of reasons for this, and many have to do with more issues that need to be decided and an extensive property division phase. Anyone who is about to end their marriage and is concerned about these problems should try to get legal advice as soon as possible. 

The length of a divorce

A couple who has been together for decades likely has a lot of property together with shared assets, investments, and other matters that will need to be divided in court, or at least distributed through a settlement. There may also be children present, and significant disputes regarding things like child support or alimony. As more of these issues are contested and need to be handled through settlements or litigated in court, the duration of the divorce procedures will significantly increase. There have been some divorces over the years where property division alone can take years. This can be compared with a divorce settlement for a couple where the case goes from start to finish in just a few months. However, settlements also require the couples to be able to make their own agreement about all the important aspects of the divorce, which is not always realistic. 

Why is the property division phase so long?

Couples can accumulate lots of real and personal property, and have serious financial issues to sort out. This is not always easy to decide when each spouse has an attorney on their side litigating for their best interests and trying to get the result that will retain the most assets. In some cases, houses, businesses, investments, and other items may have to be liquidated so that they can be sold off the profits split between the couple. It is also possible that the marital home can be kept or shared even after the divorce has ended. 

Child custody problems

Parents will often argue over custody rights because they want to spend as much time with their children as possible, even at the expense of the other parent. People who have been married for several years or decades may have multiple minor children who need to be accounted for at all times through a shared parenting schedule. A judge may intervene if the parents cannot agree on this schedule. 

Help with family law issues

Elliot Green Law Offices is a family law practice that helps with divorces, custody disputes, alimony payments, domestic violence, and all related issues. Their attorneys can provide advice throughout these processes and help achieve a good result. 

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