Have you ever been the subject of a nasty rumor? If your name is Barack Obama, then the answer is yes. Most recently though, the president was targeted by Donald Trump, of all people, who claim that America’s sweetheart political couple, the Obamas, are getting a divorce.

Trump seems to have something against the president, accusing President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama of having filed for a divorce. He went as far as to say he could prove the couple filed for divorce, but wanted to keep the information out of the public. Well, since inquiring minds want to know the details, if there’s no proof, there’s likely no truth.

Trump’s plan was to prove by October 24, 2012 that the President and First Lady were divorcing, but, obviously, there was no paperwork released. You would think that by this point, Trump would give up the shenanigans, but no such luck. Now, the billionaire has tried to attack the president by questioning his legal status.

In trying to prove that Obama is not a US citizen, Trump is offering the president a whopping $5 million to show any proof – be it a birth certificate or application record – that is a citizen. He has given the president until 5 pm Oct. 31, at which point if the president does provide proof, Trump will write out a check to the charity of Obama’s choice.

Interesting accusations. Luckily, if you are really filing for divorce, you don’t have to worry about anyone pointing fingers or making things difficult. Anyone seeking to dissolve their marriage is encouraged to turn to a divorce lawyer to file a claim.

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