Daytona Beach, FL- The divorce rate in the U.S. has increased significantly since 1960, but has dipped below a spike of divorces in the 80s, according to “State of Our Unions” and study of American marriages and divorces. will discuss some of the reasons divorce is so high in Florida.

Many factors contribute to the rate of divorce in each state including:

Interpersonal relationships

Financial problems

Differences in child rearing

Not agreeing on how mutual finances are treated

Florida’s Divorce Rate

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that Florida has the seventh highest divorce rate in the country. Divorce and marriage rates for the Sunshine State are as follows:

13.2 percent of Floridians are divorced

46 percent of Floridians are married

2.5 percent are separated

What is Behind Florida’s High Divorce Rate?

There are numerous factors that cause the divorce rate is high in Florida and the U.S. are so high, so it can’t be difficult to pinpoint one cause. But we’ll discuss a few that could be drivers of the

It’s a Good Place to Start Over

In online journal, one Florida psychologist says the divorce rate in the Florida is so high because many people move to the state to move on from their old life and start a new one.

Floridians are Stressed Out

In a recent study, Wallet Hub looked at all 50 states to see how stressed the residents are based on 33 metrics. The past few years have seen a decline in the average American’s stress level, but Wallet Hub found it is on the rise again. The latest survey found that most Americans were stressed out by the result of the 2016 Presidential election, the current political environment, uncertainty about the future of the country and fear of being the victim of crime. Those stressors starkly contrast studies from previous studies when people were more stressed out by the economy and jobs, according to Wallet Hub.

Below is how Florida ranks for the following categories of stress.

Work-related stress- Florida ranks 16th

Money-related stress- Florida ranks 16th

Family-related stress- Florida ranks 6th

Florida’s Divorce Laws Make It Easy

Another reason the divorce rate is high is because the state has lenient divorce laws. A couple can file for fault and not fault divorce and the waiting period is only six months. After filing for divorce, a judge can sign the final decree within 20 days, so the process is quicker.

Speak to a Divorce Lawyer in Daytona Beach

Life is stressful enough and divorce only makes matters worse for the individual. A stress-free divorce is rare, and while that may be out of reach for most couples, enlisting a divorce attorney will be able to minimize some of their stress.

If you plan on filing for divorce in Daytona Beach, Florida should contact the Mutz Law Firm and set up a consultation with one of their divorce attorneys. You can reach one of their divorce experts by calling 850-212-2335.