Hiring a competent approachable attorney, once the rational decision to part ways with a spouse is made, is the first concrete step to a new unencumbered life.  Parties must be able to navigate through the unsettling feelings, the vitriol, the financial disasters, the potential for future material loss, the potential for changes to family relationships with children and the idea that a physical move to another place may be required.  These are serious and stressful life changes and decision making  must be done in a calm and collected manner, which may not be the case when emotions are inflamed.  The period before the divorce may be filled with limited finances, strained living conditions and constant negative exchange with your soon to be ex-spouse regarding financial matters and custody matters, when there are children from the marriage.

Choosing an attorney to handle the divorce is an important decision, as you will need to move forward in the best position financially and with your family situation intact.  If you are leaving a marriage with children, assets and debts, it is helpful to have someone with experience to walk you through to the end possibilities.  Strong representation will guarantee you a fair division of material matters and keep your children from situations where they feel emotionally unstable, and trying to get a divorce without a lawyer can end up being the most expensive mistake you may ever make.

You will want to find someone who has court experience and a good reputation in their community by both peers and clients, someone who has experience in legal procedure and knows the judges in the county where you will file your legal action. These attorneys are available at Aiken Family Law in Winter Park, Florida.

Considerations regarding a divorce:

  1. Minor children.
  2. Joint property or real estate.
  3. Financial resources including retirement plans.
  4. Spousal support may be a necessary consideration if one of the spouses was not working and needs financial assistance to maintain their current lifestyle.
  5. Joint responsibilities including income tax returns, bank statements and credit card debt will need to be resolved.
  6. An attorney is necessary to prepare the necessary court documents even with all of the self-help documents out there, an attorney will know how to respond to a spouse’s legal requests and actions.
  7. Time investment.
  8. Emotional health.

The attorneys at the Aiken Family Law Firm are qualified, experienced, caring professionals who understand the necessary steps to wind down a bad marriage with the least amount of negative fallout possible.  Having been recognized in The Best Lawyers of Orlando-Area in recent years, Barbara Aiken has a stellar reputation in the community. She, and her associates, have plenty of exposure to the court systems after being in practice for over 35 years, and are able to navigate case hearings with strength, due to their calm composure and intricate knowledge of the laws that will affect a family’s future  living situation.  Aiken Family Law has received the highest accolades from clients for keeping them steady during the tumultuous emotional storm caused by divorce proceedings involving the custody of their children. Because they specialize in family law and offer guardian ad litem services, the Firm is familiar with representing children in situations where their parents cannot, or will not do what is in their best interests.

The attorneys at Aiken Family law offer services that include divorce, mediation, guardian ad litem, pre and post-nuptial agreements, domestic violence injunctions, alimony and paternity representation along with counseling for all types of divorce in Orlando Florida.

Divorce is a time consuming, emotional, financial and family upheaval for which you will need to seek a professional at the Aikin Family Law Group to point you in the right direction for your personal, family and financial future.

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