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If you have come to grips that it is time for you to divorce your spouse, USAttorneys.com can help you find the best divorce attorneys in Alabama.

For stars and celebrities living in the entertainment industry, divorce seems to be a more common approach than for the average couple. Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries after being married only 72 days, and news sources have finally revealed that Scheana Shay, reality star on Vanderpump Rules, has also filed for divorce after only being married a mere two years.

Taking the leap and filing for divorce isn’t easy, especially when all the speculation is on you. But, when a couple cannot work out their differences and their marriage becomes toxic, divorce may be the next step in any couple’s life.

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According to bravotv.com, this is precisely why Scheana elected to file for divorce from husband Mike Shay back in November 2016. Perezhilton.com highlighted some details saying that Mike had some issues with pills and drinking but once that cleared up their relationship seemed to have been going smoothly. But, as many have experienced themselves, just because you see a smiling face doesn’t mean all is good.

Scheana mentioned that she wasn’t happy and their relationship wasn’t the same. She even mentioned that after going through their issues as a couple, they attempted to regain that spark they once felt after going on a second honeymoon. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel that connection anymore and they both agreed a divorce was what was best. She provided a statement to bravotv.com stating that “We just decided instead of going for a legal separation or trying to continue therapy, we both agreed it wasn’t right.”

In some cases, like Shay’s, two individuals are able to realize that their relationship isn’t working and being together only makes them more miserable than happy. These types of divorces often go much smoother than those where resentment is involved. But because of their amicable split, the two can now go their separate ways and lead a happier life.

In other cases, divorces often turn rather ugly and place a significant amount of stress on both parties. Not all splits are consensual, and sometimes, one party has made a mistake in their relationship that has led to the divorce. If you are experiencing similar circumstances and feel you would benefit from legal counsel, now has never been a better time to hire a divorce lawyer in Baldwin, AL. going through a divorce is rather difficult and it is important you have all the necessary support to get you through this hard time.