Brooklyn, NYDivorces are commonly associated with long and drawn out battles that involve lawyers, judges, and disputes over children. However, the reality is that many cases will end with some kind of settlement for most or all issues related to the separation. This is done for many reasons, but most of the reasons why cases rarely go to trial are related to finances and efficiency. A couple will generally spend much more time and money if their case actually has to go to trial, while divorce settlements can end the case much more quickly, even when they take months of negotiating or mediation. 

The likelihood of a trial

Less than ten percent of all divorce cases require a full trial. Attorneys for both spouses will attempt to encourage and facilitate various other options that can make the situation better for everyone involved. 

Some couples also get caught up in the emotional aspects of issues such as infidelity, abandonment, and mistreatment. Unless the couple is seeking a fault based divorce, which is rare, none of these forms of misbehavior need to be shown in court for the couple to separate. A no fault divorce simply means that the marriage has broken down, and it can be ended regardless of the reasons. It is likely that the lawyers will recommend a no fault divorce unless there is a specific need to prove one of the legal grounds for divorce in New York

Settlements for divorce cases

Couples have a number of options to reach a settlement, and they can even start to live separately while their divorce is being negotiated. The settlement covers issues such as property division, child custody, and any other disputes that are specific to the marriage. Once the agreement is finalized, a judge can give it final approval and issue the order to formally end the marriage. 

Divorce mediation

Mediation is another practice that has become more common when a couple is about to separate. Before the couple actually files their divorce paperwork, they can meet in a more informal setting than a courtroom to start to have some discussions. Many of the same issues that are covered in a divorce settlement will be covered during these mediation sessions. This tends to be a good process for many couples as they ultimately need to agree on the outcome of all important issues related to their marriage. 

Legal help during the course of a divorce

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that works with families and people who are about to separate in the Brooklyn area. Their attorneys can meet with anyone who has questions and explain the process of representation. 

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