Westport, CT—High net worth divorce cases are often more complex than other types of divorce cases as there is a considerable amount of money involved. And the more money and assets that are being dealt with, the more likely issues and disputes are to arise among spouses.

While most divorce cases are complicated matters as separating from a life partner is never an easy thing to do, high net worth divorce cases tend to be more difficult for these reasons:


  • The process of dividing assets is generally much more challenging.

In a high net worth divorce case, there is usually more than bank accounts, retirement savings, and a single-family home that needs to be divided among two parties. In these cases, spouses might have a substantial amount of money being stored in savings accounts, multiple properties, businesses, money in overseas accounts, and more. And because Connecticut follows the equitable distribution rule, the court will generally divide assets fairly, not equally.

In the event one party feels more entitled than the other to certain assets, it can cause the divorce process to carry on longer than necessary and make it more difficult to get through.


  • They generally take longer to settle.

When two parties are in a constant disagreement with how their assets should be divided or whether or not one spouse should be awarded alimony, it can prolong the divorce process. If children are involved, child support then becomes yet another topic of discussion.

Because there is more at stake in a high net worth divorce, couples generally find themselves going back and forth in regard to who gets what and how much time each parent should get with their child.


  • They are more costly.

While some individuals are able to file for divorce without the help of a lawyer and go their separate ways, couples involved in a high net worth divorce generally need a Westport, CT divorce lawyer representing them if they want to ensure their interests are protected. In addition to incurring legal fees, spouses also find themselves spending more in these types of divorces cases as the longer they take to settle issues, the more they have to spend on court costs.


How to prepare for a high net worth divorce case in Connecticut?


The best way to prepare for a high net worth divorce case is to retain an experienced divorce lawyerimmediately. The attorneys at Needle | Cuda are highly experienced in handling high net worth divorce cases and support and guide their clients through each phase of their divorce process. The team of lawyers at this firm understand the complexities involved in these cases and will do everything in their power to ensure their clients’ rights are protected.


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