Yuma, AZ – Data for recent years has consistently shown that Arizona has a higher than average divorce rate when compared to other places in the United States. This may be for a number of different reasons, but couples in Arizona should be aware that they have a better than average chance of seeking out the services of a divorce and family law attorney at some time in the future. 

Factors that contribute to divorces

There are a number of common features of many states that have high divorce rates in the United States. Things like efficient legal procedures to both start and end a marriage, a transient population that moves or travels often, alcohol and drug abuse problems, and people who marry at young ages all tend to contribute to divorces. Technology seems to have made long term marriage and monogamy less feasible as well, due to the fact that infidelity is easier to access and hide with technologies such as internet access and smart phones. 

Economic troubles

Financial problems are always considered a leading cause for divorces, and this tends to be even more exacerbated during times of recessions and other serious economic crises. Couples who have to try to withstand local economic depressions, job losses, issues with debt, and other forms of financial strain are less likely to make it through intact. The fact that people tend to switch jobs and careers more often can contribute to these problems as well, as there may be periods of uncertainty between these moves. 

Substance abuse and other vices

Major metro areas in Arizona and other parts of the country are often associated with things like nightlife, gambling, wild parties, and access to drugs and alcohol. Major cities in the United States that are frequently associated with these activities such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Miami also tend to have very high divorce rates as well. It is clearly more difficult for couples to stay together if they are tempted by these kinds of activities.  

Intangible factors

Although sudden, serious life changes cannot be predicted or blamed on anyone, they do tend to contribute to divorces. Things like a sudden death of a relative, severe health problems, and major lifestyle changes tend to create friction and make couples less compatible. It is even possible that positive changes in diet and lifestyle can annoy one member of the couple if both parties do not commit to these changes simultaneously. 

Arizona divorce lawyers

People who are about to get a divorce, attend a custody hearing, or deal with other family court issues can get legal advice. Schneider and Onofry is an experienced group of family attorneys who work in the Yuma area. 

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Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

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