Queens, NY Are you getting a divorce? Do you have children? If “yes” is your answer to both questions, you and your estranged spouse will have child custody related issues to tackle. Numerous factors can impact child custody in Queens, New York.

Which Factors Affect Child Custody in New York?

To understand what factors can impact your divorce, you first need to understand the difference between legal and physical custody, as described below:

Legal custody- When a parent is granted legal custody, they are given the power to make important decisions about their child’s education and medical care. A parent can be granted legal custody even if their child is not living with them.

Physical custody-Physical custody refers to which parent is responsible for a child day-to-day. When a parent is granted physical custody, their child will live them full time and have visitation with their other parent.

New York’s family courts will encourage couples to consider joint custody. Divorce is emotionally difficult to children and can have long-term effects on a child’s physical health and well-being, so the courts would rather give a child equal time with each parent, but there are parental behaviors that can discourage New York family judges from awarding one parent physical or legal custody. Below are some of the factors that may impact your child custody arrangement:


Physical or sexual abuse of a spouse or child

Alcohol or substance abuse

Substandard living conditions

Trying to pit children against former spouse

Not forming a bond with a child

Engaging in activities that endanger a child

Any of the above behaviors will count against you if you are seeking child custody or visitation. That doesn’t mean you can’t make meaningful changes in your life and ask the court to lift restrictions. You can work with a child custody lawyer in New York if you need to amend a child custody arrangement. They will identify the changes you need to make and will set you on a course to have your parental rights restored.

You can find more information about child custody arrangements or visitation New York by visiting NYCourts.gov.

Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Queens

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