Mobile, AL- Nationally, an average of 40 percent of married couples get divorced every year, but some states have lower divorce rates. Alabama is one of those states. Here we’ll discuss the divorce rates in some counties and what an individual should to do to prepare for divorce.

Which Alabama Counties Have the Highest Divorce Rate?

Summer is the time for weddings, but some nuptials don’t last happily ever after. Most couples don’t get married thinking they will one day get divorced, but happen. Below are the top ten Alabama counties with the highest divorce rates according to this chart based on Census Bureau data:

Coosa County – 14.9 percent

Walker County – 14.7 percent

Chambers County – 14.7 percent

Winston County – 14.6 percent

Greene County – 14.4 percent

Houston County – 14.2 percent

Colbert County – 14 percent

Barbour County – 13.9 percent

Dale County – 13.8 percent

Fayette County – 13.8 percent

With a divorce rate of 12.9 percent, Mobile County didn’t make it on the list of counties with a high divorce rate.

Get Legal Advice to Start the Divorce Process

Once you’ve decided you want a divorce, let connect you with a divorce lawyer in Mobile, Alabama to explain the stages of divorce. To divorce, there are numerous steps you must follow and tough issues that you and your estranged spouse must resolve.

Your first step is to complete and submit a “Complaint for Divorce.” You must affirm in your complaint that you have lived in the county where you are filing for at least six months, and you must state whether you are seeking a fault or no-fault divorce. Your complaint should also identify issues that the court will need to address including child custody, child support, and asset division.

When a couple can’t resolve their issues, a family or divorce court will decide for them and will mean they have less control over the outcome. You’ll be happier with the outcome of your case if you have more input the decision-making process.

If you are hoping to finalize your divorce quickly, speak with a divorce lawyer to see what you can do to make that happen. Your divorce will be more efficient if you and your spouse address property division, child custody and support before you file, a judge can finalize your divorce in 30 days. Your divorce becomes final after signing the final judgment which states you and your spouse agree to the terms of their divorce settlement.

Talk to a divorce lawyer in the Mobile and get their advice. They can explain what divorce settlement is likely and how you can make the process easier on yourself, your spouse and your child or children. Our attorneys will set up a free consultation and make sure are fully informed about your case.