Brooklyn, NYDivorces are never easy, and the financial and emotional consequences of ending a marriage can linger for years or even decades. In this sense, there is never really a good time to end a marriage. However, there are some signs that it may be best for a couple to part ways before their situation becomes even worse and the divorce will become more costly. 

After a legal separation

Some couples can live separately but still technically be married under New York law. If the couple has already completed the formal steps for a separation, making the necessary moves to formally end the marriage can be much easier than if the couple had divorced from the outset. The benefit of a legal separation is that there is already a divorce settlement that deals with issues such as property division and child custody, so the marriage can be dissolved by the courts much more quickly. If a couple wants to gradually manage all of the issues that come with their divorce, starting with the legal separation can help with this gradual transition. 

When residency requirements are met

New York, along with every other state, has specific requirements for when a couple can end their marriage through the courts. Regardless of where the couple got married, the jurisdiction where they are currently living, or where they previously lived may be the proper venue to end the marriage. This can become especially confusing for couples that travel or move around often. Anyone who is about to file for divorce should provide their residency history of the past few years to their attorney to decide on the proper venue based on residency requirements in each state. 

If the couple has reached a state of indifference

Some couples get to the point where there are no feelings and emotions between them after months or years of growing apart through arguing, long periods of time away, or domestic violence. This can make the emotional aspects of a divorce much easier to deal with if the two members of the couple are legitimately indifferent to each other. Research has also shown that couples who completely lack any kind of intimacy after growing apart are likely to end their relationships at some point in the near future. The good news is that a divorce will help all people involved move on with their lives and start to create a more positive environment. 

Family attorneys are available in Brooklyn

Elliot Green Law Offices assists people with divorces or other family law problems like child custody, support payments, and domestic violence. Individuals who need to speak with a lawyer licensed in New York can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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