Cheyenne, WY- If your marriage is on the rocks and you know divorce is imminent, you might not have any idea of where to begin. Divorce is a process that can be simple of complicated depending on a spouse’s circumstances and their relationship with their estranged spouse.

Wyoming is exclusively a no-fault state, which means you cannot blame the divorce on your spouse’s wrongdoing. No-fault divorces are common, and the basis for this type divorce is irreconcilable differences between two spouses.

To file for a divorce in Wyoming, at least, one spouse must reside in the state for at least 60 days.

Wyoming is an equitable division state which means property and assets are divided equitably between both spouses. Equitable doesn’t mean everything is divided equally between both spouses, but what it does mean is that should a couple rely on the court to determine property division, they will look at a number of factors to decide what each spouse receive in the final divorce settlement. Some of those factors include the length of the marriage, property value, income and debts of each spouse and whether or not the property or asset belonged to one spouse before a couple’s marriage.

When it comes to the issue of child custody, Wyoming like all states, prefer when each parent is given the opportunity to spend time with each spouse as long as it is safe for the children. If it is in the best interest of a child, family courts in Wyoming prefer joint custody arrangements. Parents are advised to determine the appropriate child custody arrangement when they decide to file for divorce. If they can’t come to a mutual decision, a divorce lawyer in Cheyenne, Wyoming can help you nail down times for a child to spend with each parent. An attorney can also help you come up with a visitation schedule or every day and significant holidays.

Parents in Wyoming are expected to support their children, so one parent may be asked to pay child support if there is a disparity in their incomes and it is necessary to maintain a child’s standard of living. You Wyoming divorce settlement can also include spousal support if it is necessary to maintain a spouse’s standard of living, regardless of filing for a no-fault divorce.

When it comes to child custody, Illinois, like most, states consider the best interest of a child when deciding to honor a spouse’s child custody request.

These are just a few of the basic things you need to know when you file for divorce in Wyoming. A divorce has many aspects and processes you need to go through before your marriage is dissolved. The key to having a peaceful divorce is to retain a divorce lawyer in Cheyenne, Wyoming to ensure your transition to marriage to single life goes smoothly and the resulting settlement is fair. Let USAttorneys connect you with a divorce or family attorney near you.