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Lake County, IL- If you are getting a divorce and you have children, you probably realize that child custody is going to be a challenge. Child custody is one of the more acrimonious issues in divorce, and there are things that each spouse can do that will affect their child custody arrangement. That is what USAttorneys wanted to discuss here.

There was once a time when the mother was more likely to get primary custody, but that is not the case these days. Now, courts in Illinois prefer joint custody arrangements, so that a child can spend equal time with each parent. But some factors can affect whether joint custody is a possibility.

Below are a few things that can keep a person from being awarded joint custody:

Physical or verbal abuse

Child abuse

Drug addiction or alcoholism

Turning a child against the other parent

Subpar living conditions

Engaging in activities that put a child in danger

Child custody issues can be a drag on the divorce process, but an Illinois lawyer can help make your divorce go more smoothly.

If you have engaged in any of the above behaviors in the past or still engaging in any of those activities, you might not get the custody arrangement you think you deserve. Not all of those behaviors will make custody or visitation impossible, but it can be a big hurdle that you may have difficulties overcoming. When trying to decide if you should be granted custody, the courts will also consider other factors such as the age of the child, the income of each parent and the wishes of a child.

The factor listed above will also impact whether or not you get visitation and for how long. If you don’t have a child custody lawyer in Lake County working on your claim, you could be denied custody altogether. You need legal counsel to counter any arguments against you and convince the court that you deserve custody or visitation.

Divorce can be hard on children but their parents can help make things earlier.

By being aware of the behaviors that can reflect badly on you, you can take steps to correct those behaviors and improve your chances of a favorable judgment. Fortunately, a child custody arrangement can be changed, so if you work hard and correct your bad behaviors or habits, you will be given the opportunity to seek a better child custody arrangement. USAttorneys recommends you allow an attorney to speak for you and attest the positive changes you’ve made and explain why you deserve a second chance.

If you are getting a divorce, we recommend you contact a divorce lawyer in Lake County, IL and enlist their expertise. They can assist you with a range of issues and work towards a successful outcome for your divorce case. Contact a lawyer today and get the advice you need.