Las Vegas, NV – Let’s face it, dealing with a divorce is never fun. Whether or not you have been putting it off for awhile, or are diving in headfirst, there are certain things you should know while working with your divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.

What are the allowed reasons for filing for divorce? 

According to NRS 125.010, Nevada is a no fault state, which means you can essentially cite incompatibility as a reason for your divorce. This also means you do not have to prove abandonment or infidelity in order to move ahead with divorce lawyers in Las Vegas, and a judge cannot look at the conduct between the parties to make a decision during the divorce proceedings.

When can I file for divorce? 

As long as a person is permanently present within the borders of Nevada for six weeks before filing a complaint for divorce, you can file for divorce any time you want. If you have not been in Nevada for a consecutive six weeks, then NRS 125.020 states that you must wait until you have been present in Nevada for six weeks before proceeding.

Will I have to go to court? 

If both parties agree on the terms of their divorce, then they can file a Joint Petition that negates the need for them to appear before the court. However, if the parties cannot agree, then the court will have to step in, and divorce lawyers will need to help them navigate their court appearances. If there are children involved, then a custody arrangement will also have to be established outlining how much time each parent will have the kids.

What are the costs associated with filing for divorce in Las Vegas? 

When it comes to filing for divorce, some of the costs can include:

  • Court costs for filing forms for the divorce process.
  • Any associated divorce attorneys fees.
  • Depending on the outcome of the divorce, any alimony or child support you are required to pay.

How much will I have to pay in alimony or child support? 

Depending on your circumstances, the amount of alimony and child support required to pay will vary from case to case. Experienced Las Vegas divorce lawyers will be able to evaluate your divorce filing and help you better understand what fees you should anticipate having to pay. Your divorce attorneys will also be able to help make sure you get the fair amount of alimony and child support at the end of the divorce.

In order to avoid any curveballs when it comes to getting a divorce, it is best to have a reputable and reliable divorce attorney on your side. will make sure you fully understand the process, as well as protect you against making any impulsive decisions that could leave you paying for it in the long run.

For legal counsel that will help guide you through the stressful process of filing for a divorce, contact us and one of our Las Vegas divorce lawyers will reach out with more information on how to move forward.