It’s never easy to go through a divorce with a person that one intended to spend their entire life with. As emotionally and mentally traumatic divorce can be, both individuals involved still have to try and remain calm so they get through the legalities of the divorce before they can part ways for good. The length of one’s divorce can vary and may last from a few months to years based on their ability to agree to certain matters and their ability to cooperate.

Though it is in both individuals’ best interest to work together and make a plan that benefits both of them, this is much easier said than done and due to the emotional aspect of the divorce, it can be very difficult to conclude any matter. The divorce will take less time to complete if it is an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to end their marriage. However, a contested divorce can take a lot more time.

In a contested divorce, one of the parties disagrees to end their marriage and this can make the process continue onwards for much longer. If a person is going through a no-fault divorce in which they are separating based on no serious allegation made against either party, then the individual who does not want the divorce must prove that the basis for the separation is faulty and, therefore, should not be accepted. New York is a No-Fault state, so a person has exceptionally low chances of stopping their divorce from taking place once it’s been initiated by either of the spouses.

Though a contested divorce may not stop the legal separation from occurring, all matters regarding custody, spousal maintenance, child support, and distribution of marital assets must be decided on before the official divorce is granted.

The length of time a contested divorce can be delayed in Queens, New York

A contested divorce can be delayed for a significant period as long as either partner brings up valid reasons not to agree to the offer being laid out for them. However, it is important to keep in mind that if they refuse to agree, the court will eventually make its own decisions as to how matters should be resolved so the divorce can be granted in full.

Anyone going through a divorce should connect with a divorce attorney to make sure they receive what is rightfully theirs and that they are not taken advantage of by the opposing party. Going through a permanent separation is already emotionally taxing enough, the last thing anyone should have to worry about is the legalities of their case.

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