Regret Your Divorce? Many Couples Do According to Study 2Seattle, WA- One of the main points of a divorce settlement is to ensure that children and spouses don’t suffer financial harm or fall into poverty. That is why many divorce settlements involve spousal or child support, but not all parties honor these agreements—divorce lawyers deal with this all the time. What then are a divorced person’s options? How can they get their estranged spouse to make their spousal or child support payment? USAttorneys’ team of divorce lawyers will discuss some options you can explore to get the financial support you need and rely on.

Fortunately there are ways to make a person honor their divorce settlement. The first thing you need to do is to figure out if there is a legitimate reason your ex missed the payment. A job loss, emergency or other drop income could be the reason for the missed payment and you may want to consider cutting them some slack and giving them the opportunity to get back on their feet.

If an individual’s financial setbacks are long-lasting, the person who is in arrears can seek to have their support payments reduced by petitioning the family court. They will need to show their income and demonstrate why they no longer have the financial means to make their support payments. A judge when then decide if there is a valid reason to reduce payments and issue a new support order.

While some people follow the correct legal channels to adjust support payments, far too many exes just choose to skip a payment or several payments with no explanation. In these cases, the party who is not receiving support payments have some options they can pursue force an estranged spouse into honoring their divorce agreement.

If your ex is not making spousal support payments, the first step you need to take is to contact a divorce lawyer in Seattle, Washington to discuss the options you can explore. They can help file a petition for contempt which notifies the court that your ex is not complying with the terms of your divorce settlement and sets in motion the state’s collection efforts. Oftentimes, merely the threat of legal action is enough to scare a person into following their divorce agreement and no other legal steps may be necessary.

If your ex is not making child support payments, you should notify your local child support office. They have means to collect support payments such as wage garnishment. If they try to dodge support payments by quitting their job or taking under the table work, a local family court can order that spouse to spend time in jail until they pay down their debt. That’s may seem like an extreme measure but some parents only learn through stern punishment.

If you are having trouble getting your ex to honor your divorce settlement, USAttorneys urges you to contact one our divorce lawyers serving Seattle, Washington. They can help you decide what steps you should take to get the support you are entitled to per your divorce agreement.