Divorce is a complicated with some many decisions to be made.

Philadelphia, PA- Divorce is emotional and challenging. Couples have a lot they need to work out before their divorce is finalized. With some many decisions to make and emotions riding high, it’s easy for a spouse to make a mistake that could affect their final divorce settlement. We’ll discuss three of the common mistakes spouses make so that you can avoid a prolonged divorce.

The best way to ensure you a divorce settlement you can live with is to retain a divorce lawyer near your Pennsylvania location. Our outstanding team of lawyers will explain the process of divorce, guide you through it and keep you from making any damaging mistakes.

The divorce process you choose is critical if you and your spouse have issues that you cannot resolve without assistance. You can choose from mediation, or a collaborative divorce, arbitration or take your case to divorce court. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a good idea to speak a lawyer and hear their recommendations. Choosing the wrong means of divorce can set you back. For instance, if you decide on mediation, and you and your ex can’t agree on child custody and settlement terms, you will have to start the negotiation process again.

Familiarize yourself with the process of divorce, so you can decide on the best means to resolve it.

Another mistake a spouse can make is to agree to a child custody arrangement they don’t understand. There are several different arrangements parents can agree to which will give them various legal rights and living arrangements. Pennsylvania’s divorce courts prefer joint custody, but other arrangements can include physical custody with visitation or joint legal custody. You should be aware of all possible arrangements so you can decide what’s best for your child and what is the most appropriate for you and your spouse. Learn of the different child custody arrangements possible and make an informed decision about what arrangement is best.

A divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania can help you choose which means of divorce will be better for you.

Sometimes in the heat of a contentious divorce, one spouse tries to get the advantage by levying false allegations against their spouse. You might fabricate something or exaggerate circumstances that can mischaracterize a situation and malign a spouse to get better financial settlement or child custody arrangement. Utilizing this tactic can backfire and make you look very bad in court. Also, trying to damage your estranged spouse with a false allegation can be used as leverage for a better settlement.

Making any of those mistakes could end up costing you the divorce settlement you wanted. We discussed just a few of the mistakes couples make. You can avoid most mistakes by contacting a divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania to help you with your case. USAttorneys can connect you with a lawyer who will keep you from hurting your case or your children.