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Divorce is a complicated process and you should get legal help.

Fort Meyers, FL-If you and your spouse are considering divorce, you are probably already aware that you have a list of difficult decisions you need to make. You can make mistakes that will jeopardize the outcome of your divorce. To keep you from having too many sleepless nights our team of divorce lawyers in Fort Meyers, Florida will discuss three legal mistakes you need to avoid of you are getting a divorce.

Choosing the wrong process

When a married couple decides to divorce, they have a few legal avenues to explore so that they can resolve the more emotional and complicated issues associated with divorce which included child custody and support, spousal support and asset division. Couples who are planning on divorcing can choose mediation or a collaborative divorce. A couple can also leave the hard decisions up to a judge, but they’ll have less control over the issues that matter the most to you. There are pros and cons to each of those means of divorce, so it is wise to get legal advice before choosing a process.

Past behaviors can impact the outcome of a child custody case.

Past behaviors can impact the outcome of a child custody case.

Selecting a child custody arrangement without understanding it

Couples can choose from a variety of child custody arrangements which each grant parent different rights and power to make decisions about their child’s life. State family courts prefer joint custody, but other typical custody arrangements can include sole physical custody with visitation or joint legal custody. You need to be fully informed about the possible arrangements so you can make the best decision about your child’s well-being.

Making accusations can be damaging to your case.

Making accusations can be damaging to your case.

Falsely accusing your spouse to gain favor

When people are angry about how their divorce negotiations are going, or they aren’t getting everything they want, they lash out and make false allegations about the other spouse. Spreading a lie of half-truth is a spiteful action carried out in hopes of maligning the other spouse to get to get a better financial settlement and child custody arrangement. Making a false allegation is damaging to your kids, your spouse, and your case. If you choose this tactic, it will probably backfire and be the ammunition your estranged spouse needs to get the advantage. Refrain from doing this and let a divorce lawyer work on getting the best settlement and custody arrangement through other means.

Legal mistakes can end up costing you a fair divorce settlement. Above are just a few that couples make, and they are mistakes that can be easily avoided. The first step would be retaining the right attorney for you and USAttorneys can help you do that. By visiting our contact page and filling out a short questionnaire, we can match you with a divorce lawyer in your area.

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