Phoenix, AZ – A couple that has started to deal with certain problems may be on the verge of separating. Family professionals have found a handful of common signals that show a marriage is about to end based on their work over the years. 

Anyone who feels that they need to divorce should start the process by speaking with a lawyer and learning about the local family laws in Arizona that may be relevant to their situation. Early preparation can help avoid serious financial problems and other issues associated with a divorce.  

Addiction issues

Addiction issues can be related to substances such as drugs and alcohol, however other types of addictions can strain a relationship as well. This includes gambling, sex addiction, or even addiction to certain types of entertainment like television and games. Addiction tends to cause at least one person to neglect the relationship, and also results in financial problems, as addictions tend to become costly and the person will ignore their children or more serious financial priorities like mortgages and utility bills. 

The couple has stopped communicating

Some couples simply start to ignore each other and create their own independent lives as they grow apart. In other situations, the one or both members of the couple may just stop caring and not bother to speak with their spouse aside from times when communicating is absolutely necessary. When there is a serious lack of communication, one spouse will often take the initiative to end the marriage, as there is little point in two people who are not talking to be in a relationship together. 

Significant periods of time apart

This tends to happen most often when one or both members of the couple have demanding careers or need to travel often. When the couple spends lots of time physically apart, they can eventually start to lose emotional attachment to each other as well. If a person feels that they are essentially alone already, they may be prepared to divorce and live as a single person. 

Serious unresolved financial problems

Money issues are often cited as the most common reasons for arguments among married couples. If there is significant debt tied to credit cards, car payments, or loans, there may be little disposable income to use for enjoyment and spending leisure time together. After a while this starts to make people feel trapped in their marriages, and they will be ready to move on to a less stressful living situation. 

Help from divorce lawyers in Phoenix

There are attorneys who can provide more specific advice to anyone who is considering a divorce. Schneider and Onofry is a trusted family law firm that helps clients in the Phoenix area. 

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Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

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