Divorces can be scary for some who didn’t choose to separate or have an abundant of assets they fear their spouse is going to try and take. But, the fact is, there are some couples out there that have accepted the fact that their marriage isn’t working out and that it would be best if they divorced. When this type of situation arises where both parties in the relationship can work together, it makes the divorce process much smoother to get through. And when a couple can agree on all points of a divorce including child support payments, a parenting plan, the division of assets, etc., the Tennessee courts recognize this as an agreed divorce.

Now, if you think your circumstances qualify you to get an agreed divorce, be sure to review the list below to confirm the criteria that must be met to ensure you comply with all the guidelines set forth by the Tennessee Courts:


  1. You and your spouse have children together that are under the age of 18, are in high school, or are disabled. Your children must have been born before your marriage or born or adopted during your marriage.
  2. Either you or your spouse must have lived in the state of Tennessee for the past six months with your children or you both were living in TN when you decided to divorce and your children have lived in the state for at least six months.
  3. Neither spouse is pregnant.
  4. You both are in agreement that you want to end your marriage.
  5. You don’t own buildings, land, or a business together.
  6. Neither of you has any retirement benefits.
  7. You were able to agree on alimony and how to divide your property.
  8. You will both sign a Divorce Agreement.
  9. You have agreed on the child support amount and the Parenting Plan. The child support amount must comply with Tennessee’s Child Support Guidelines.


Do I need a Chattanooga divorce lawyer to help me file for an agreed divorce?


The benefits of filing for this type of divorce is (1) You can expect to pay less than what you would had you filed a different way, and (2) Although you don’t need a lawyer per se seeing that you have been able to work together on the different parts of your divorce, it can never hurt to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the process itself.


Some common reasons why people hire divorce attorneys include:


  • You are having difficulty understanding the court papers.
  • You or your spouse has a pension or retirement plan.
  • You or your spouse own buildings or land.
  • You or your spouse own a business.
  • Your spouse has refused to sign the Divorce Agreement.
  • Your spouse has hired his/her own divorce lawyer.
  • You have questions regarding your divorce. If you didn’t know, the court is unable to offer legal advice so you would need to speak with an attorney if that is what you are seeking.
  • You aren’t sure how to locate your spouse.
  • Your spouse is trying to control you or makes you afraid to disagree.
  • There is domestic violence occurring.


Although not every divorce process requires an attorney, the advice and guidance they offer only makes it run smoother and assures you understand exactly what is happening. If you would like to get a free consultation scheduled with a divorce attorney in Chattanooga, TN as you and your spouse have come to terms that filing for divorce is your best option, call USAttorneys.com now.