Divorce ripAugusta, GA- If you’ve decided it’s time to divorce and are ready to get the process underway, you probably already realize the challenges you are facing. You know that is going to be a tough process and you know you are going to make mistakes. Our team of divorce lawyers want your divorce to go smoothly, so they want to share some of the legal mistakes that you should avoid if you are divorcing in Augusta, Georgia.

Choosing the wrong process

This decision can have a huge bearing on how your divorce works out. In 2015, there are several different methods you and your estranged spouse can choose from including mediation and collaborative divorce. Each has its own set of pros and cons which is a good reason for you do some research about the process online and consult with a divorce lawyer. An attorney can offer insight into how each process works and what will work best considering your individual circumstances and personality.

Deciding on a custody arrangement without fully understanding what it means

If you have children, you have a number of child custody arrangements that a couple can seek. Each one grants different rights and powers to each parent and should be considered carefully. Some arrangements give parents joint physical custody while granting only one parent legal custody. You a child custody lawyer to inform you of all the possible child custody arrangements you can seek and help you make a wise decision about what child custody arrangement you choose.

Telling lies about your spouse

Sometimes in heat of the moment, a couple can say things to one another or about one another that is mean, hateful and false.  If the divorce settlement or child custody negotiations aren’t going in one spouse’s favor, they may be tempted to make up or exaggerate events so things work out in their favor. Making a false allegation for gain can and will most likely backfire and you could do unnecessary damage to your case.

Going it alone

If your divorce is shaping up to be a contentious one, it is in your best interest to retain a divorce lawyer and allow them to help. Your legal counsel will keep you from making all the mistakes we discussed in this article. An attorney will make certain you understand all the decisions you have to make and the ramification of your decision so you can enter the divorce process with your eyes wide open.

Those are just a few mistakes you could make; there are many others. You can easily avoid damaging your case if you enlist the help of divorce lawyer in Georgia. USAttorneys can connect you with divorce or child custody lawyer who will protect your rights and work hard to ensure you are happy with your final divorce settlement or child custody arrangement. Contact us today and we’ll refer you to a compassionate and tenacious lawyer to be by your side.