Yuma, AZ – The amount of time a divorce takes can vary greatly depending on several different factors. The length of the marriage and the amount of children present tend to be two of the most significant factors, but divorces with many contested and disputed issues can be lengthy as well. Legal advice from a local divorce lawyer is always the best option for anyone who needs specific information about exactly how long their divorce will take. 

Minimum timeframe

In Arizona, a divorce will always take at least sixty days to complete from the time initial paperwork is filed on the defendant spouse. If there are absolutely no disputes, a consent decree can be issued and signed by a judge within the sixty day period.   

What causes the process to take longer?

It is highly likely that many couples will have issues related to property distribution, child custody hearings, and either alimony or child support payments. These always need to be sorted out through a divorce mediation or court hearings before the divorce process will end. It is also likely that due to efficiency and cost concerns, there will be settlement negotiations to determine these issues rather than a trial in court. Full trials for divorces have become much less common throughout the United States. 

Exactly how long will the disputes in a divorce case last?

This answer cannot be given without knowing a couple’s specific situation, but there have been some divorces that have lasted several years. These lengthy divorces are usually for couples that have been together for a very long time, with significant amounts of shared property, investments, and assets. If the couple does need to attend hearings in court or negotiation sessions, this may be spaced out by weeks at a time, which will obviously cause delays. 

Is there any way to expedite the process?

The best way to end a divorce case quickly is for the spouses to try to come to a settlement as soon as possible. This means making a final agreement where there are compromises related to any shared interests. It is feasible that the divorce can be settled in just a few sessions if things go well. However, it is often difficult to predict if one or both spouses may end up spending large amounts of time arguing over certain matters related to their separation. 

Help with a divorce in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry is a family law practice that works with local clients to solve their issues related to divorce and reaching a settlement. Their attorneys can provide advice about ending a marriage, child support, child custody, alimony, and other matters.  

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