Some parties enter into the divorce proceedings ready for the process to be over while others look to draw it out as much as possible. Because there are multiple factors at play in a divorce as well as two parties who likely have their own desires and opinions on how certain issues should be handled, the timeline for a divorce in Alabama varies greatly. While some couples may be lucky enough to get through the proceedings and get everything finalized in a few weeks, others find themselves involved in the process for several months.

Essentially, what it comes down to is whether you and your spouse are in agreement on all issues (i.e. your divorce is uncontested) and if you have an experienced Alabama divorce attorney who is keeping up with your case. When your divorce is uncontested and your AL divorce lawyer has dedicated themselves to your case, you’re likely to get your divorce finalized much quicker than the next couple.


What factors could prolong a divorce from being finalized?


Typically, a divorce case drags on when one or both parties cannot agree on certain issues (i.e. child custody, division of assets, child support, etc.). In many divorce cases, there is often one party who wishes to maintain ownership over assets they typically wouldn’t be entitled to. For instance, let’s say you own a home, two cars, and have a banking and retirement savings account. Normally, all of these assets, given they were acquired during the marriage (i.e. marital property) would be divided equally among both parties. However, your spouse is suggesting that he/she keeps the residence rather than sell it and split the profits.

While you may agree to divide up all the other asses, you may not wish to hand over the residence you both have lived in and paid for. Therefore, it is disputes such as these that are known to stall the divorce process.


How can I speed up the divorce process?


If you want your divorce to be finalized as quickly as possible, you should consider contacting Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. to retain an Alabama divorce lawyer. Not only will these attorneys get all the required paperwork filed much quicker than you, but their years’ worth of experience allows them to address and resolve any issues that arise much faster. If you would like the opportunity to sit down with a divorce attorney in Alabama to discuss filing for divorce, you can reach the legal experts at Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. at any of their office locations listed down below.


Disclaimer: No representation is made that quality of legal services provided is greater than the quality of legal services provided by other attorneys.


Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. can be reached at:


Moody Office

2603 Moody Parkway, Suite 200

Moody, Alabama 35004

Phone: (205) 640-2000



Leeds Office

7900 Parkway Drive

Leeds, AL 35094

Phone: (205) 699-5500


Springville Office

6441 U.S. Highway 11

Springville, Alabama 35146

Phone: (205) 467-2225

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