Brooklyn, NY – While divorces are stressful and can take time, there are some ways that a couple may be able to get through their divorce quickly. Under New York law, there are a few different things that can be done to expedite the entire process. However, divorcing couples should keep in mind that the length of the divorce process also tends to reflect the length of the marriage. A couple that was only married a few years with little shared property will usually have a much quicker divorce than a couple that was married for decades with children and large amounts of shared property and assets. 

No fault divorce under New York law

Although it was the last state in the U.S. to do so, New York now offers no fault divorce. This basically means that the couple can get divorced for any reason at all. As long as the couple meets residency requirements in the state, the paperwork can be filed to start the process to end the marriage. A no fault divorce merely alleges that the couple believes the marriage has broken down and cannot be fixed. It does not matter whether or not there was evidence of adultery, domestic abuse, abandonment, or imprisonment. The couple will need to complete a separation agreement to finalize their decision. 

Uncontested divorces

When a couple can agree on matters related to property distribution and child custody, the divorce tends to go much more quickly. In New York family courts, the couple can put all of the matters they agree on into their uncontested divorce filings and simply have the court sign off on the agreement to make it legally binding. 

The timeline for an uncontested divorce can be as little as twelve weeks, where some contested divorces can take years before all property division issues are finally resolved. An uncontested divorce also tends to be thousands of dollars cheaper than a divorce that requires many additional steps and court hearings.

Getting the right lawyer

A lawyer who has handled many divorce cases in the past is also a crucial part of getting to the end of the marriage as quickly as possible. The attorney can draft the divorce settlement agreement and handle any other necessary court filings. It is also important to have legal counsel available if any unforeseen issues with things like child custody, property division, or prenuptial agreements arise. 

Local family attorneys in Brooklyn

Elliot Green is a licensed attorney who handles divorces and all other aspects of family law for local clients in the Brooklyn area. Potential clients can arrange a meeting to speak with him about their situation. 

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