Sometimes divorces result in additional arguments, conflicts over finances, and even violence when things get too heated. A news story about a man in Florida who had stabbed his wife during an argument when they were about to get divorced shows how things can go south quickly.

Argument about divorce leads to stabbing

When police responded to the scene, they found a woman outside bleeding and holding a rag over her wounds. They spoke to her and witnesses in the area and confirmed that the woman’s 46 year old husband had pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the chest. After getting a warrant to search the home and area, police found bloodstains on the front door of the apartment and in the hallway leading to their bedroom. They also found a hunting knife that had blood on it on the floor inside. The suspect also had blood on his shirt and pickup truck. A further investigation revealed that an argument about getting divorced started the entire incident. The suspect then tried to block the victim in the bedroom and was threatening to kill her before he stabbed her.

The suspect will be facing criminal charges for attempted murder and false imprisonment.

How can these kinds of situations be prevented?

While a divorce is never easy, having the right kind of legal representation can make the process much more tolerable and safe. Even in situations where there is a threat of violence or any other physical altercations, a lawyer can help get a protective order or offer guidance to prevent things like this from happening.

As long as there is a legitimate threat of violence, the local courts can issue a protective order that will prevent the parties from contacting each other unless authorized to do so. In Florida this is called an injunction to prevent domestic violence. This is a legally binding document issued by the courts that will prevent the husband and wife from contacting each other aside from limited, clearly defined reasons that may be necessary to proceed with the divorce or related issues like child custody. Violations after the order is in place can result in the person being held in contempt or facing criminal charges.

What else does a divorce lawyer do?

Divorce lawyers will advocate on their client’s behalf to make sure the results from issues like property division, child support and custody, alimony are satisfactory. The court procedures for finalizing a divorce also need to be done correctly before the government will formally dissolve the marriage.

The initial consultation with an attorney can outline a strategy for any of these issues along with any other concerns about the separation and consequences afterwards. Keep in mind that attorneys want their clients to be happy with the results of their representation, so they will make a legitimate effort to meet all of their client’s needs.

Speak to a divorce lawyer in south Florida

For more information about the divorce process in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact King Lindsey, P.A. You will receive advice about how to achieve the best outcome based on your personal situation.

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