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What is the benefit of hiring a divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

The benefit of a compassionate, yet professional divorce lawyer is that they will personally get to know you and address your concerns regarding the significant changes that will be thrust upon you and your children.  They may help you to see that this is the beginning of a positive time for all of you.  Having an experienced counselor to explain the complexities that follow a divorce proceeding is priceless when you may be feeling like you have been hit by a bus.  King Lindsay, P.A. will take the fight away from you  and work out the best possible settlement through mediation, or court proceedings when necessary, by laying out all of the options available to you and tailoring them to your financial needs and family concerns.

Choosing an attorney to handle your divorce is an important decision, as you will need to move forward in the best position financially and with your family situation intact.  If you are leaving a marriage with children, assets and debts, it is helpful to have someone with experience to walk you through to the end possibilities.  Strong representation will guarantee you a fair division of material matters and keep your children from situations where they feel emotionally unstable, and trying to get a divorce without a lawyer can end up being the most expensive mistake you may ever make. Divorce brings with it many serious and stressful life changes and decision making  must be done in a calm and collected manner. Parties to a divorce action may turn to legal counsel to be the steady force that keeps them calm when emotions are inflamed.

The attorneys at the King Lindsey Law Offices specialize in Florida divorce proceedings.  They have years of court experience and enjoy a positive reputation in the community through peer and client interaction.  They will consider all facets of your married life and make every effort to carve out time to answer your questions regarding:

  1. Minor children.
  2. Joint property or real estate.
  3. Financial resources including retirement plans.
  4. Spousal support may be a necessary consideration if one of the spouses was not working and needs financial assistance to maintain their current lifestyle.
  5. Joint responsibilities including income tax returns, bank statements and credit card debt will need to be resolved.
  6. An attorney is necessary to prepare the necessary court documents even with all of the self-help documents out there, an attorney will know how to respond to a spouse’s legal requests and actions.
  7. Time investment.
  8. Emotional health.

The attorneys at the King Lindsey Firm are qualified, experienced, caring professionals who understand the necessary steps to wind down a bad marriage with the least amount of negative fallout possible.  They offer services that include divorce, mediation, child custody, child support and paternity representation along with individual counseling for all types of family law matters in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Divorce is a time consuming, emotional, financial and family upheaval for which you will need to seek a professional at the King Lindsey Law Firm, to point you in the right direction for your personal, family and financial future.

King Lindsey Divorce Lawyers

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