According to statistics from the Department of Health Services (DHS), Wisconsin recorded a divorce rate of 2.7 per 1,000 of the population in 2014. The ratio of marriages to divorces was 2.2 to 1. Many of these couples would have likely considered mediation.

So many people talk about divorce but there are different facets of this subject. Mediation is one of them.

The role of mediation in a Wisconsin divorce

Mediation is gaining traction as an effective divorce proceeding which puts the divorcing spouses in the driver’s seat and gives them more flexibility and control over the terms and decisions of the divorce when compared to a traditional divorce case which is heard and decided upon in family court. Family court has been described by some as one of the darkest circles of hell.

Getting a divorce is no simple thing. Your marriage is ending for one, that is a black mark on your personal resume. But do not make the situation a wake up call to the community in terms of ugliness. Hire a legal representative and do this right.

What is a mediated divorce?

According to prolific divorce lawyers in Milwaukee, WI, who can be found on the incredible website which takes the idea of a helpful website to an entirely new level, mediation can be defined as a non-binding process where the parties reach middle ground and sketch out the terms and conditions of the their divorce and other issues which arise such as child custody, alimony, asset separation, and so forth with the assistance of a third party who is unbiased and has no vested interests in the outcome of the mediation.

In 2015, the highest number of divorces was recorded in Milwaukee County, 2,186 divorces and 2 annulments. Some of these cases too would have considered mediation as an alternative.

Some people wonder if these divorces could have been saved by taking a pre-marriage class where people really get down to the basics. Do you know the person you are marrying? Are they are spender or a saver? How many times do they like going out to eat during the week? If you go out to eat for lunch, is that going to bother them and so on?

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Divorce is not. Get on if you even think your marriage is not working out.

Why choose mediation? The advantages…..

Basically, this means that the two spouses will negotiate and find something which works for both of them rather than taking the divorce case to court and going after each other’s throats during trial trying to get the outcome they desire.

In mediation, if the two spouses cannot find any middle ground and just do not seem to be able to agree upon a certain term or conditions then the unbiased mediator will try to get involved and suggest alternatives and solutions or proposals which will get things moving along. However, as much as possible, divorce mediators try to stay out of it as much as possible and only get involved when the mediation comes to a halt and needs a little prodding.

Unlike with a court trial, decisions cannot be imposed upon a spouse during mediation since it is considered a non-binding process and decisions are only finalized upon agreement by both parties voluntarily.

The main advantage of a mediated divorce is the fact that it allows for the spouses to have a thoughtful and strategic post-divorce setup rather than make the whole process of divorce a personal vendetta against each other. In fact, as per some divorce mediators, a lot of divorce mediations transpire very amicably and the spouses are both content at the end of it.

Mediated divorces can be especially advantageous when the spouses have children together because it will allow them a chance to put the child’s well-being and interest as first priority and they can, together as mother and father of the child, decide upon things such as custody, visitation, child support, and so forth always keeping the best interest of the child in mind.

If you would like to know more about a mediated divorce or want dissolve your marriage in a mature way via a mediated divorce then we highly recommend that you reach out to a divorce lawyer in Wisconsin as soon as possible to learn more about how you can go about with a mediated divorce.