What is divorce planning in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, NY – Divorces tend to be one of the most significant life changing events that will ever affect a person. This is why it is a good idea to immediately start planning for the consequences of the divorce as soon as it is apparent that the case has been filed and will begin. This planning can include help from attorneys near me, financial planners, and other professionals. As a general matter, each spouse should have their own lawyer available to assist during these times with both the court procedures related to the divorce and giving advice about how to best emerge from the divorce process. 

Financial planning and divorce

The most severe consequences of a divorce tend to be related to various financial matters. This is why financial planning is the most important part of divorce planning for most people. Certain attorneys and other financial professionals have specific experience with helping individuals get ready for their separation and how their money situation will be affected in both the short and long term. Each spouse should have a complete accounting of their income, debts, investments, and other financial matters. There should also be preparations for financial liabilities such as alimony and child support if they are relevant to the divorce case. These payments can potentially last for several years, and they need to be made as required by a judge’s order. 

Planning for child custody issues

A couple can also benefit from being able to settle any disputes related to child custody through planning. If they come to an agreement, the judge assigned to the case can review the shared parenting plan and approve it to make it legally binding. In many cases, the parents cannot agree and they fight over custody of the children. If hearings are required in front of a judge, each parent will need to present evidence that they can meet the best interests of the child. 

Safety planning 

During or after a divorce, there may be issues related to domestic violence, health insurance, child abuse, and related issues that can affect each person’s health and safety. These matters can be remedied through things like restraining orders against the person responsible for violence if necessary, limited or eliminated custody rights for an abusive parent, and a legal separation while the divorce is pending if there are other safety issues or the possibility of crimes being committed. 

New York divorce lawyers

Elliot Green Law Offices is available to help families with issues related to divorce, child custody and support, and alimony. Their attorneys are experienced in all aspects of family law and related court procedures. 

People who need help locating a lawyer can call USAttorneys.com at 800-672-3103

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