St. Petersburg, FL – A dissolution of marriage is a legal term that is sometimes used for a divorce case. A standard dissolution of marriage filing is the way that one or both spouses can petition the courts to end their formal union. Any family court in the state will require that the parties to the divorce meet some basic legal requirements before the final order to end the marriage can be issued. 

Requirements for all dissolution of marriage petitions

Any divorce case has some requirements that must be met before moving forward and for the case to be accepted. Residency means that at least one spouse has lived in Florida for six months or more before filing the petition. Couples who have recently moved from out of state may have to make other arrangements if they do not meet this requirement. The couple also needs to show that marriage has broken down and cannot be fixed. Under no fault divorce rules, there can be any reason for the marital breakdown, and the couple can simply say that they do not get along anymore. There are no specific legal grounds required to prove marital breakdown.  

If these requirements are met, the local circuit court has jurisdiction. There are also local county courts in Florida, but they do not handle divorce cases. 

The procedure to file and finalize the divorce

One spouse will become the petitioner or plaintiff in the case by filing all of the required documentation in the proper venue. The clerk of the court in the county where the action is taking place will also serve the defendant spouse with copies of all of the documentation. There is a chance for the defendant spouse to formally respond to the information contained in the divorce documentation, but they cannot force the marriage to remain intact if the other spouse does not want to be married any longer.  

After the paperwork is exchanged, there is an ability to have either a contested or uncontested divorce depending on the number of issues that the couple can agree upon. For an uncontested divorce to be available, the couple must agree on essentially all matters related to their children, property, and debt. If this is not available, a standard contested divorce will take place and require additional steps and hearings. 

Local divorce lawyers in St. Petersburg  

The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet is a firm that helps people with divorces and related family law issues in Florida. Anyone who lives in the St. Petersburg area and needs help from an attorney can get in touch with them. 

Firm contact info:

The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet 

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