Well, once Hollywood couples divorce, their mansions go on sale! And this has also happened with the mansion of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, who are now in the process of having their divorce finalized. Their marital home is now home in now in the market for sale.

Huge Home

However, what has surprised divorce attorneys is that the TV couple would now be receiving much more for the home than they had paid for! And this is because Khloe has apparently spent several lonely nights in it! The home is a Mediterranean Villa located in Hollywood Hills. The home was purchased in 2009 and it happens to be a seven bedrooms and eight bathroom sprawling villa located in the gated complex of Tarzana.

Looking for a Profit

Divorce attorneys who are handling their case reported that Lamar and Khloe had purchased their villa way back in 2009 and the price then was about $4 million. However, they are now asking for an enhanced $5.5 million. So what is the actual reason for the price hike? Has the couple made any addition to the premise? Have they planted a fruit tree? Or is it because the home was featured in popular shows like Khloe and Lamar and Keeping up with Kardashians? Well of course, realtor Tomer Fridman is tight lipped about this fact!

The home, according to Fridman, is unparalleled luxury. It is barely about 11 years old and is extremely spacious and completely luxurious. There are spa like bathrooms along with walk in closets that are custom built. There is plenty of introspection concerning who would eventually take over the mansion! The demand is high and the ownership could eventually go to anyone! Anyone who is a millionaire at least.

There is not too many of those anymore because of the Obama recession so the buyers may have to come from overseas or perhaps an American who does have this type of wealth. How about the Dodger’s star pitcher Clayton Kershaw?

The divorce proceedings of Khloe and Lamar are being watched closely by one and all. What happens to these proceedings remains to be seen by one and all. Well, not Mark Cuban who does not believe Lamar played his best in Dallas. Lamar did not have a pleasant NBA ending. He proved to be pathetic in fact which may be his true character.