JACKSON, Mississippi. Under Mississippi law, couples can file for no-fault, or fault-based grounds for divorce. While it is more common for couples to file for no-fault divorce, because this prevents couples from having to go through a long drawn out and public court case, some couples may still choose to use fault-based grounds to file for divorce. According to The Mississippi Bar, one of the grounds for fault-based divorce is adultery. It is important to remember that any relationship you have while you are still married can be viewed by the court as adultery. So, even if you’ve broken the news to your former spouse, have moved out, and live separately, the courts could view any relationship as adultery until your divorce paperwork is finalized. When it comes to dating and divorce, most divorce attorneys will tell you that the best course of action to help you get the best possible settlement for your divorce case will be to wait until your divorce is finalized to date.

Why? Dating during divorce can impact your alimony award or it could result in the judge requiring you to pay more in alimony. For example, if you learn that your former partner was cheating on you, spend marital money on a new fling, or is dating while you are going through a divorce, you might want to file for fault-based divorce because it can result in a more favorable alimony award. Even if you spent no money on a new fling, your ex could try to make this claim using evidence that you were going on dates before your divorce was finalized. Alimony often ends when a person gets remarried, so some individuals who plan to get remarried might ask for a lump sum payment instead of alimony. However, if your ex knows that you are looking to get married to a new person, he or she may choose to take the alimony route, knowing that his or her financial burden will end when you get remarried. Dating during divorce can complicate your divorce settlement.

Dating during divorce can also result in a more contentious divorce. This could make it more difficult to divide assets, money, debts, and property. If you have children, it could also impact your child custody case, especially if your ex doesn’t want your children meeting with your new fling.

If you are having an affair, or if you are thinking about dating during your divorce, it is important to carefully consider the consequences as you move forward with your divorce. Finally, it might be wise to consider the emotional consequences of dating during divorce. The Huffington Post notes that many individuals choose to rush into new relationships to avoid dealing with their emotions or to reduce the pain of their divorce. At the end of the day, you won’t be at your best as you get divorced. It is important to remember the need to grieve, be angry, and sad. Dating can serve as a temporary fix, but the emotions will be there at the end of it.

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